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Civitan Oil was founded in the year 1996 at Momjan, a small village located at Northern Istria, that rise up to 280 Metres above the sea level, and overlooks the Dragonja Valley, from which it is separated by the Argilla brook. Due to its optimal sunlight exposure and to the influence of the sea, the micro climate and the particular soil, is well known for the production of Moscato wine and olive oil. The diverse landscapes meets the buildings of the civilization well adapted with the nature, that, beyond the numerous historic sites and culinary specialities, the Momjan's area has got a very rich wild fauna.

The taste of the extra virgin olive oil may change depending of the variety of the olive from which it is produced. Our company produces three types of native extra virgin olive oil: Buza, Leccino, Istrian White (belica), that we sell in bottles of ½ of a litter or 1 litter.



Ovoid variety of the fruit, asymmetric, from medium to large size, during the maturation process it becomes dark, almost black. The oil has a light green colour with dark yellow reflects and a fruity, well balanced spicy and bitter flavour, pleasant but not aggressive. Suitable to all kinds of fish, specially with raw or grilled fish.



Medium size ellipsoidal fruit variety, fleshy and dark colour olive. The oil with a dark green colour and its typical fruity perfume, has got a sweet and light flavour, balanced, without any strong aroma, with a very lightly prevalence of a bitter and spicy taste. Suitable to all kinds of fish and meats, specially with raw or grilled fish, prawns and calamari, and with salads.


Istrian White

Ovoid variety of the fruit, symmetric of medium size. During its maturation it becomes reddish with purple shades. The oil has an intensive gold colour with green reflects and an elegant and intense flavour with spicy and bitter notes. Suitable to all kinds of meats and mushrooms.

About Us

Our company is a family-run business, born from the passion for the olive growing of the head of the household, Marino Civitan, starting out with around twenty plants, that over the years became a plantation of approximately 800 olives, with the help of his sons Alen and Sandro, that had inherited the passion of their father.


The harvest takes place at the beginning of October, selecting the olives by hand and putting them into plastic containers, not wood ones, so they can be safe from heat sources.

The olives are pressed within 24 hours from the harvest, in order to guarantee that the olives are not fermented and so, without any defect.


Our extra virgin olive oil is mainly used for seasoning salads, flavouring foods and for preserving vegetables in glass jars.

The extra virgin olive oil is very healthy thanks to its antioxidants (phenols and tocopherols) and has got the property of fighting against the cholesterol.


Main component of the Mediterranean diet, it substitute the fat saturated food from animal origin.

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Contact info

  • Adress: Kremenje 96a, Momjan, Buje (HR/CRO).
  • Email: oil.civitan@gmail.com
  • Alen Civitan: (00385) (52) 779 102 - (00385) 98507190
  • Sandro Civitan: (00385) (52) 779 162 - (0039) 3331222 564

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